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When considering investing your hard earned money and time in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or PPC (Pay Per Click) , many companies and organisations are eager to know how to get on the first page of Google results.
The short answer is simple, “no one knows” (not even Google). But rather than just leaving this as a vague answer to the question, let’s explore the reasons behind this response.


We aren’t google


In addition to their periodic major updates, Google also has a fresh crawl that is constantly causing small changes in rankings. They also have a deep crawl that indexes a much larger portion of the Internet. Then there is the calculation and propagation time to value every link, every page, and every website and then rank those against billions of search queries.

In short, no one (not even most people at Google) can know how all of these factors affect each other and the overall formula for SEO – search engine optimisation.

At Ghosts we can look at a snapshot in time of what the current site looks like in comparison to your competitor’s sites and identify areas that will likely improve your SEO rankings over time. We can then apply a general timeframe for when we can expect to see results based off past experience. In addition, we can adjust the strategy to help enhance certain search signals to increase overall effectiveness of your search engine ranking.


Website quality affects success


If your website is seen as low quality or isn’t updated often, it can take longer to climb those search rankings (was that £400 website a good idea?).


What if I don’t want to wait?


It’s understandable that business owners want to quantify and calculate an immediate ROI for their money. However, it takes technical implementation and best practices to achieve a high ranking. To do this, you must convince Google that you deserve and have earned your desired ranking. You must also convince the intended audience that you are a trustworthy site with valuable content, products, or services.


SEO and (SEM) are not campaign’s with a start and end date


It is a long-term branding methodology that is at the core of your business. It defines your audience, learn what your customers are looking for (search analytics), engages with them (social media), and in return, they will reward you with their business. By understanding that concept, you’ll realize that it doesn’t matter how long it takes to get to the first page of a certain ranking, because you’ll understand that the ranking itself is not the end goal.


Make a Start…


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